• Anesthetic SJ3 (120g.)

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    “SJ3” LIQUID ANESTHETIC For Use by Licensed Professionals Only. This powerful liquid anesthetic is available with a flip top, and is for use during procedures. It contains lidocaine, tetracaine and benzocaine. It is safe for use on all procedures except eyeliner. Use it to remove your pre-deadening topical anesthetics i..
  • Anesthetic cream "Feel Better now" (15g.)

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    Anesthetic cream "Feel Better now" (15g.) "Feel Better Now" cream is used to prepare/numb the skin for pain or discomfort. It contains 5% Lidocaine, 20% Benzocaine, and 4%Tetracaine. This topical cream can help take off the edge to relax your client. Also... see the amazing Feel Better Now gel which can be used during a proce..
  • Anesthetic SUPER T (25G.)

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    SUPER ‘T’ TOPICAL ANESTHETIC For Use by Licensed Professionals Only. This pre-deadener has one large advantage: the addition of benzocaine for faster onset. It contains three anesthetics: 4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine and 12% benzocaine. It is safe for use on all procedures  except eyeliner. Care should be taken to avoi..
  • Anesthetic Vasocaine (120g.)

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    “VASOCAINE” For Use by Licensed Professionals Only. This liquid 4 ounce anesthetic comes with a spray top. Developed  for relief of anorectal disorders, this powerful 5% lidocaine liquid anesthetic is for use during procedures. It is safe for use on all procedures except eyeliner. It also contains a vascular constrict..
  • Biotouch EZY Topical Anesthetic 30ml.

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    BIOTOUCH EZY GEL ANESTHETIC For Permanent Make Up ProceduresBiotouch (USA) product.Topical gel for medical and therapeutic treatment of pain and swelling. ACTIVE INGREDIENT (in each gram) -Lidocaine HCl 40 mgEpinephrine HCl 0.4 mg  FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY...
  • BLT MesoMedica anesthetic before procedure (30 gr.)

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    Powerful painkillers for permanent make-up, Purebeau FibroBlast procedure, mesotherapy injections, RF with microneedles and other techniques related to the use of microneedles. Anesthesia for needle techniques - tetracaine 5%, lidocaine 5% benzokaine 5%, the consistency - cream with increased ability to pene..
  • Liquidcaine during procedure anesthetic 60ml.

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    Liquidcaine is a single "caine" 4% lidocaine solution.It is used to produce numbing within 90 seconds of application.It can be applied during all tattooing, piercing and permanent makeup, procedures involving, broken skin, as well as for electrolysis and laser treatment, and even to relieve the pain of sunburn.Liquidcaine should..

    Item Code: Mei-Cha PH7

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    Out top selling topical anesthetic. Gel-based, use after opening skin, contains epinephrine that reduces swelling, bruising and bleeding. Excellent anesthetic for lips or inner arms. Long lasting numbing power for up to two hours. The non-sting, fragrance-free formula is also a great pain reliever for all permanent cosmetic proc..
  • Numpot Gold Anesthetic 30 g.

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    Soothing, moisturizing topical anesthetic that protects the skin;Safe for before, during and after procedure on eyelids, brows, lips and areola;Works on thin skin and mucous membranes within about 15 minutes;Once the skin is opened switch to Tag 45;It is neither alkaline or acid. It is neutral;Complies with FDA regulations.INGRE..
  • NUMQUICK SPRAY anesthetic (60ml.)

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    NUMQUICK SPRAY anesthetic (60ml.) Once line has been made, spray over area and wait 60-90 seconds. Apply 2-3 more times during procedure. Quantity: 60ml. ..
  • Original Dr. Numb anesthetic cream (30g.)

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    Dr. Numb is a NON-OILY topical numbing cream that contains purest Lidocaine, the highest amount allowed by Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Numb is the only water-based numbing cream on the market. Dr. Numb doesn't interfere with the ink or the skins elasticity, making it safe to reduce the UNNECESSARY PAIN of:-Needle Pain-..
  • Plastic tape for anesthetics

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    Plastic tape for anesthetics With: 40mm Length: 200m ..
  • Prepcaine Pre-Procedure Anesthetic 35 ml.

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    Apply Prepcaine® to unbroken skin BEFORE tattooing, permanent makeup, electrolysis or other sensitive procedures.  It is effective in numbing prior to all permanent makeup procedures and it reduces sensation on tattoo procedures performed on sensitive areas of skin.  This handy to use bottle contains 2% lidocaine and 1..
  • Rejuvi Comfy Gel anesthetic before procedure (60 g.)

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    Powerful painkillers for permanent make-up, mesotherapy injections, RF with microneedles and other techniques related to the use of microneedles. Anesthesia for needle techniques - Comfy Gel - contains 10% lidocaine, 2 x stronger when EMLA, the consistency - a watery gel, with increased ability to penetrate into the skin. ..
  • Rejuvi PainAway solution (15 ml.)

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    Rejuvi PainAway solution (15 ml.) Effectively reduces the discomfort and pain of tattoos and permanent make-up procedures. A special manufacturing formula, containing 20%. lidocaine and 20% percent. tetracaine effectively relieve pain. Store tightly in a cool place.   Use: Spread a few drops of the solution evenly on..
  • Skin Monarch Anesthetic before procedure (30gr.)

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    Spread small amount of anesthetic on the desired skin area and cover it with nutritious film for 15 minutes. Keep it in a cool and dry place.Ingredients: Tetracain 19%, Lidocaine 4%, Benzocaine 19%..