Drawing tools

  • Artist Tattoo Pen

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    Artist Tattoo Pen Skin Skribe pens are used for free hand drawing of designs onto skin. For those artists that do not use stencils. It may be more time consuming to do it this way but it may be more worthwhile since what you are getting is a unique one of a kind piece. Also, free hand artists tend to charge more as their work..
  • Bella brown eyebrow pencil

    Item Code: BFAO-0001s

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    Specially designed pencil eyebrow permanent makeup procedure. Excellent drawing eyebrows, as well as easily removed by. Color: Brown ..
  • Black Pelikan (1l.)

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    Black Pelikan ink is a high quality ink used for drawing and painting. Often used by tattoo artists to create and perfect new design ideas or ideas personally requested. It is dark black in colour and shows up bright and bold for an effective and vibrant look against paper. Black Pelikan ink isn’t waterproof and should be kept a..
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    Caflon® Non-Toxic Marking Pen
    Caflon® Non-Toxic Marking Pen

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    Caflon® Non-Toxic Marking Pen ..
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    Chenyun markers (12pc.)
    Chenyun markers (12pc.)

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    Chenyun markers (12pc.)..
  • Doodlers Surfer Pens

    Item Code: IESIFF

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    Doodlers Surfer Pens Heart pen designed pen holder. Easily integrates into the holder. Soft and easy to draw even on the skin. ..
  • Lucas Cosmetics Eyeliner PRO pen 1 pcs.

    Item Code: EyePro

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    Description: Eyeliner PRO felt-tip eyeliner has a rich black shade. It adheres well to the skin until the end of the day and is not imprinted on the eyelids. PRO eyeliner pen is long lasting and waterproof.Composition: Water, Styrene / Acrylates Copolymer, CI77266, ACRYLATES / AMMONIUM METHACRYLATE COPOLYMER, PROPYLENE GLYC..
  • Lucas' Cosmetics Long Lasting eyebrow pencil 1pcs.

    Item Code: LCeb

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    Features: Waterproof, Long lastingColor: 4 Colors: Black, Dark brown, Light brown, BrownDo not need pencil sharpener.This pen used for designing eyebrow line...
  • Marker Youxing

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    Marker Youxing ..
  • Mastor® Liquid eyeliner pen

    Item Code: JNVDIK

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    Mastor® Liquid eyeliner pen ..
  • Maxdona Automatic Eye Brow Pencil

    Item Code: Maxdona

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    Waterproof and sweat. Easy on the make up. Easily uninstall makeup. Eyebrow chalk pencil are the most advanced and well designed eyebrow markers on the market. They are made with a retractable design for the most econonmical usage. No sharpener required. It is made of a special shape to enable abslute precision.   &nb..
  • Pen holder (for tattoos sketches)

    Item Code: LTTP

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    Pen holder (for tattoos sketches). Soft and easy to draw even on the skin. For transfer tattoos sketches. ..
  • Pencil 4B

    Item Code: P4B

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    Soft pencil is great for sketches and drawings. ..
  • QM professional eyebrow pencil

    Item Code: IVNSOUJ

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    QM professional eyebrow pencil with a sponge ..
  • Skin Monarch Gel Sketch Pen 1psc. (Black / Red)

    Item Code: SMgel

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Professional Skin Monarch PMU and Microblading gel pen. Perfectly shaped and very thin tip head for precise marking and easier working with any PMU procedure. The pen is made waterproof so master can work in demanding environments...
  • SoftFil® Skin Marker

    Item Code: FJDNOE

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    SoftFil® Skin Marker A dermographic pencil to help you with your diagnosis before injection. Before injections and for a comprehensive and total approach to facial aesthethics, it is first necessary  to identify shadows by low light. The shadows will be used for drawing the anatomical landmarks of the areas to be tre..