• Panthera Black Liner (150ml.)

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    Panthera Black Liner (150ml.) Panthera black lining ink is a must have for any serious artist. The ink is a perfect blend of darkens giving tattoos the attention they deserve. It goes into the skin beautifully leaving a smooth and even finish that holds. Molecular technology gives the ink a black velvety gloss and extra durab..
  • Panthera Crystal Shading Solution (150ml.)

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    Panthera Crystal Shading Solution (150ml.) ..
  • Panthera Dark Sumy pigment (150ml.)

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    Panthera Dark Sumy pigment (150ml.) ..
  • Panthera Ink Smooth Blending (150ml.)

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    Panthera Ink Smooth Blending (150ml.) "Blending" contains less pigment than Panthera Light Sumy, and can be used to blend in areas of your tattoo. It can be used in portraits on areas such as the forehead or light parts on the nose etc. It could help you create bumps and wrinkles in very light areas, without being too dark th..
  • Panthera Ink Smooth Finish (150ml.)

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    Panthera Ink Smooth Finish (150ml.) It is suitable for saturating the finest details, which appear to be white on the sample, by using the most minimal pigment without destroying the contrast. Perfectly suitable for working on the lightest shades in eyeballs without making them too dark. Content: 150 ml. ..
  • Panthera Light Sumy (150ml.)

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    Panthera Light Sumy (150ml.) ..
  • Panthera Light Sumy Shader (150ml.)

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    Panthera Light Sumy Shader (150ml.) Panthera Light Sumy Shader ink, is a great ink for carrying out shade work. The ink is produced in Italy and uses a new form of technology to give it a deep, velvety black gloss, even after the tattoo has healed. This ink is on the lighter side however it can still be diluted to create a pr..
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    Panthera Polar White Ink 150ml
    Panthera Polar White Ink 150ml

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    Polar White Ink is one of Panthera's new additions and is collecting great reviews across the country and around the World. The pigment is perfectly ground (New Molecular Technology) to create consistency in the ink that can not be described or beat and its ease of insertion into the skin is incredible. In addition, Cristal Solu..
  • Panthera XXX Tribal Black (150ml.)

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    Panthera XXX black tribal ink is a must have ink for filling in large tribal pieces quickly and efficiently. This is one of the best black tribal inks available on the market. It holds extremely well and will never fade, fall out, go dull or turn green. It is made from a pure uncut black pigment making it the black of all black ..
  • Special Shading Solution ALOE TATTOO 150ml.

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    A shading solution of high quality natural ingredients, specially formulated to achieve gradual shades for both black and gray and color tattoos. Suitable for any style and technique, from Old School to Realism...