RF round needles

  • Cheyenne Safety Tattoo Cartridges 1pcs.

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    Cheyenne's patented modular cartridge is designed to provide artists with the opportunity to focus on their craft and their clients, instead of having to worry about a hooked needle. Everything about Cheyenne's cartridges scream portable and user-friendly; skip lugging around extra cleaning accessories, these cartridges come ste..
  • RF round needles 0.35mm (5 pcs.)

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    1. It is made of high quality stainless steel, durable enough for your daily using 2. It is a must for a current or future needle 3. Each needle is individually packed in it's own factory,they are harmless to you health 4. Carefully designed, excellent for use 5. These tattoo needles will give you a satisfied tattoo 6. For ..