Tattoo removal

  • Rejuvi Tatto Removal

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    Rejuvi tattoo removal system is a unique method of tattoo ink extraction to completely remove your tattoo ink pigments from your body. The procedure was extensively researched, developed and tested for over ten years and is already being used in the world for more than seven years.   The procedure used the same methods as..
  • Rejuvi Scarcare Gel (14,5 g)

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    An innovative scar diminishing gel that helps soften scar tissue and fade discoloration. Diminish unsightly scars with Revjui Scarecare Gel, a unique treatment for helping reduce the look and feel of scars. Formulated with potassium iodide and licorice extract, this lightweight gel targets scar tissue to soften and fade darkene..
  • Fifty-two Galle needle to remove tattoos

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    Tatented in America Successfully used in Europe for 7 years Specially designed needle for removing tattoos Package: needle, rubber shock absorbers   ..
  • Rejuvi 'h' super soothing cream (10 ml.)

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    Speeds skin recovery and eases sensitivity. Rejuvi "h" combines aloe vera, summa and licorice extract to speed up skin recovery and diminish skin redness. It repairs and soothes sun/wind burn, extreme dryness and is perfect aftercare for tattooing and other aggressive treatments. Speeds Up Skin Recovery & Healing Repairs ..