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EXY machine

The EXY Machine is a versatile tool designed for various permanent makeup applications. It is capable of running at 9 speeds, ranging from slow speeds for ombre and powder effects to higher speeds for nano and line work. This flexibility allows professionals to adjust the machine's speed based on the specific procedure being performed. The machine also features a digital speed indicator on the upper portion, providing clear visibility of the current speed setting.

Needle Depth and Variety

The needle depth on the EXY machine is fully adjustable from zero to 3mm, allowing for precise control during procedures. The machine is capable of accepting 8 different cartridges, including nano cartridges, shaders, and flat cartridges. This variety of cartridges enables professionals to customize their tool based on the specific needs of each procedure.

Warranty and Support

The EXY machine comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. If the permanent makeup machine requires repair, the factory will attempt to fix it first. If it cannot be repaired, the machine will be replaced with a brand new one. This warranty provides assurance of the machine's quality and the manufacturer's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Additional Inclusions

The EXY machine includes permanent makeup supplies a sample needle kit with 4 assorted needles. This inclusion allows professionals to test out different needles and find the ones that best suit their needs.

Safety and Sterilization

While specific information about the sterilization process for the EXY machine is not provided in the search results, it is common practice in the industry for machines and their parts to be pre-sterilized to ensure safety during procedures.

The EXY Machine is a versatile and adjustable tool designed for various permanent makeup applications. It offers a range of speeds and needle depths, and it comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. The machine is designed to accept a variety of cartridges, providing flexibility for professionals in the field.

exy machine

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