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    Biotic Phocea Airless Line ICONIC Brow Palette (10x5ml)


    Biotic Phocea
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    Discover the new generation of our ICONIC Brow Palette

    10 shades reformulated to comply with the new Reach regulation, which comes into force in January 2022.

    10 x 5ml - Sterile for multiple use

    Made in France

    Set of 10 Reach compliant Brow pigments:

    EB01 - Icy Chestnut Brown

    EB02 - Dark Ash Grey

    EB08 - Dark Brown

    EB28 - Moka Base

    EB33 - Light Cool Brown

    EB40 - Tobacco

    EB41 - Whisky

    ST03 - Orange Brow Stop

    ST04 - Grey Brow Stop

    Pigment Booster

    5ml - Sterile for multiple use

    Instructions for use:


    EB33 + ST03: Best compromise for the elderly or true blonds with very pale complexion (Nordic type).

    EB41: Ashy blond more sustained than the EB33, it is used pure and gives a very natural result on light-skinned blondes.

    EB01: Taupe ash gray, marron glacé, more sustained than EB41. It is used pure on blonde, light brown and redheaded women with light skin and must be mixed with ST04 on matt skins.

    EB40: Medium chestnut that can be used pure and will give an ashy taupe result on light chestnut hair with matt skins.


    EB02: Brown with a cold tendency. It results in an ashy look on pale skins with black hair. It can be mixed with 2 drops of ST04 for a browner look.

    EB28 + ST03: Dark brown for chestnuts and brunettes with dark skin.

    EB08: Ideal pigment for dark skin if very dark eyebrows are desired. It results in a dark hair look.


    ST03: To balance hot pigments - 2 drops for 8 drops of pigment

    ST04: To balance cold pigments - 2 drops for 8 drops of pigment

    Pigment booster : add 2 drops to allow a better pigment retention over time in the skin.

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    Biotic Phocea Airless Line ICONIC Brow Palette (10x5ml)

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