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    BB Glow Cherips ampoules set for lips 7x 30ml


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    BB Glow Cherips ampoules set for lips

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    Simple and Quick tint treatment for expressing natural and vital lips without pain.

    PAINLESS - It is safe treatment and less painful compared to semi-permanent make-up providing natural color without swelling lips, damaged lips, or chapped lips.

    SIMPLE TREATMENT - Cherips is simple and it takes shorter time then semi-permanent make-up.

    EASY COLOR CHANGE - Semi-permanent make-up makes it hard to change the color, but Cherips allows to change to a color of your preferance.

    USE CHERIPS - for smooth lip surface and voluminous lips. In case of pale lips, tired - looking lips, or lips with unclear lip lines, the Cherips makes your lips moisturized and glossy without a pain.

    Use a cotton swab to spread Booster evenly.

    Exfoliate and disinfect chapped lips ( from 30 second to 1 minute ).

    Remove the remaining with a wet cotton pad.

    Shake the tint ampoule for 30 second to mix liquid well.

    Put the pigment on a pigment cup.

    Spread the pigment evenly on lips with a cotton swab.

    Start the treatment with a BB Glow device. Don't use long needles. This procedure takes about 2-3 minutes. If the color is uneven, reapply the pigment on uneven spot and repeat the procedure.

    Leave for 5 minutes.

    After treatment, wipe the remaining pigment on the lips with the wet cotton pad.

    Apply After Treatment Solution to finish.

    Box contains 7 ampoules : 1 x pre-treatment booster, 1x after-treatment solution and 5 colors: 1 x Burgundy, 1 x Red, 1 x Orange Red, 1 x Hot Pink, 1 x Pink

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    BB Glow Cherips ampoules set for lips 7x 30ml

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