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    GLOVCON Q-Switch ND YAG Laser


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    Laser GLOVCON® Q-switch ND YAG GLO100


    -removing tattoo and permanent make-up;

    -removing skin discoloration;

    -removing birthmarks;

    -black doll peeling (rejuvenation, cleansing of the skin surface and clogged pores, wrinkles, freckles).

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    Product technical specification:

    Laser type: Q-switch ND YAG Laser

    Laser wavelength: 1064nm/532nm/ + peeling tip

    Pulse energy: 0~1500mJ

    Pulse width: 8~10ns

    Laser power: 800w

    Frequency: 1-10Hz

    Laser pointer: Yes

    Spot width: 1-8mm

    Display: touch LCD

    Housing color: White

    Housing material: Metal

    The type of cooling: air + water

    Power: 220-230V/5A

    Package size: 109x49x60cm

    Weight: 45kg

    Certifications: ISO & CE & SGS


    1. Excellent results after the procedure:

    High power up to 800W generate the ideal energy for removing tattoos and make-up pigments.

    2. Simple operation:

    Indicator: The red laser pointer helps to accurately aim the laser beam.

    High frequency up to 10HZ - the possibility of fast shots while maintaining excellent results.

    3. High quality components:

    Laser lamp manufactured in the UK.

    High quality fan and water pump.

    4. Long life:

    A powerful 3-in-1 cooling system that provides the machine with a long service life and a long service life.

    Automatic system for checking the correctness of work and components.

    5. Easy maintenance:

    External water tank. Easy water exchange.

    6. Wireless foot switch for work.

    7. Certificates: CE, ISO13485: 2003, SGS

    What is in the box?:

    - Laser GLOVCON® Q-switch ND YAG

    - Ergonomic pistol

    - 3 tips / filters (1064nm - removal of black, gray and navy tattoos; 532nm removal of red, brown tattoos; Black Doll - Carbon Peeling - 1320nm)

    - wireless foot switch

    - safety glasses for the operator and the customer

    - water tank with filter

    - keys that turn the device on

    - power cable

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    GLOVCON Q-Switch ND YAG Laser

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