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    Dyotics Brow Henna
    • Dyotics Brow Henna
    • Dyotics Brow Henna
    • Dyotics Brow Henna
    • Dyotics Brow Henna
    • Dyotics Brow Henna
    • Dyotics Brow Henna
    • Dyotics Brow Henna
    • Dyotics Brow Henna
    • Dyotics Brow Henna

    Dyotics Brow Henna (5g)


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    Give your customers the best brows with Dyōtics Brow Henna. Available in six beautiful shades. Colors the hairs for 5 to 6 weeks, and the skin for up to 14 days.

    6 shades

    40 applications 

    From blonde to black

    Tattoo effect up to 14 day

    5 gram


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    Available Shades:

    Honey: fairly warm blond, for women (and men of course) with light eyebrows and light skin

    Taupe: a fine blonde-brown shade, for blonde to dark blonde eyebrows on light to medium skin

    Natural Brown: a natural brown effect, for eyebrows on light to medium skin

    Ash Brown: a dark shade with an ashy and cool effect, for the tinted to dark skin

    Raven: an extra dark shade, especially for eyebrows on dark skin

    How To Use:

    -Clean and degrease the eyebrows with Dyōtics Prep & Clean. The cleaner the skin, the better the dyotics henna will be able to do its job. Afterwards, dry the skin very well. Tip: ask your client in advance to scrub his or her brows at home. Fewer dead skin cells also means that the Dyotics Brow Henna  will grab better and stay longer.

    -Mix the henna with warm to hot water: 1 scoop of henna with 12-15 drops of water. There is a pipette in each box.

    -Apply the henna paste gradually and make super tight lines. When you do get a bit out of line, you don't have to worry. You can remove these irregularities with DyōticsTint Remover. And if you still need a little help making the tightest lines, use the dyotics Brow Mapping Thread in particular.

    -Allow the henna to soak in for at least 20 minutes for the most long-lasting result. To create a smooth embracing effect, remove the onset of the henna after just 5 to 10 minutes.

    -Remove the henna with a damp cotton pad. This is easy, because Dyotics Brow Henna does not become very hard.

    Dyōtics Brow Henna is made of the finest Indian henna.

    To give the Dyotics Brow Henna powder its lovely brown colors and to make the henna stain the skin for a longer period of time, pigments have been added.

    P-phenylenediamine is one of the components, and even in little amounts, it can cause skin problems.

    That is why, while applying henna brows for the first time, you should always complete a patch test on your clientele.

    Especially if you're planning to use Raven or Ash Brown.
    Even if you wish to use a light color for the treatment, you should always select one of these hues for the test.

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    Dyotics Brow Henna (5g)

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