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      Rose Quartz Roller Massager
      • Rose Quartz Roller Massager
      • Rose Quartz Roller Massager
      • Rose Quartz Roller Massager

      Rose Quartz Roller Massager


      Kiti Gamintojai
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      Roller face massager made of jade - also known as the stone of youth, is a natural way popular in Asia to preserve youth and good condition of the skin.

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      Roller massager is a natural way to improve the condition of the skin and keep it in good condition. The use of natural jade stone allows for firming, relaxing and caring for the skin. A chilled roller will be perfect for reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

      Gentle movements improve blood and lymph circulation, while supporting the absorption of cosmetics. Face and body massage is a great way to start your day, whether you are rested or have a sleepless night behind you.

      How it works?

      • firming.

      • reduction of swelling.

      • reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes.

      • facelift.

      • minimization of pores.

      • relaxing and calming the facial skin.

      • reduction of wrinkles.

      • relaxation and relaxation.

      • improvement of lymph circulation throughout the body.

      • supports the absorption of cosmetics.

      • skin care.

      According to Chinese medicine, jade is a stone of youth, and its natural energy restores the skin's vitality and makes it radiant. It increases blood circulation, stimulates oxygenation and evens out the color. It reduces swelling and allows the pores to be better closed.

      Item specification

      - Brand new product.

      - 100% natural stone - jade

      - Possibility to perform dry massage or with oil

      - Comfortable handle

      - Two tips.

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      Rose Quartz Roller Massager