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      Unistar Skin Care Soaker Pads (10pcs)
      • Unistar Skin Care Soaker Pads (10pcs)
      • Unistar Skin Care Soaker Pads (10pcs)
      • Unistar Skin Care Soaker Pads (10pcs)
      • Unistar Skin Care Soaker Pads (10pcs)
      • Unistar Skin Care Soaker Pads (10pcs)

      Unistar Skin Care Soaker Pads (10pcs)


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      Skin Care Soaker Pads are breathable pads used in the tattoo healing process that absorb all fluids secreted by the skin during the healing of the tattoo.

      Pads size 25x35cm. 10 pieces per package.

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      Protects both the tattoo and, for example, bedding or clothes from getting dirty. Thanks to them, your skin remains clean, the wound is additionally protected and provides an ideal environment for proper healing. Our pads do not stick to the skin, which makes them easier to replace and does not irritate the sensitive area after tattooing. 

      Effective breathable dressings with an absorbent layer for tattooed skin care

      With three layers, Skin Care Soaker Pads are extremely functional and mega-absorbent. The outer layer is waterproof and provides effective protection of the tattoo from the external environment. The middle layer effectively absorbs fluids. While the soft and breathable inner layer guarantees comfort and hygiene for the skin irritated by the tattooing process. With this solution, you can be sure to provide your customers with the highest quality of post-tattoo care.

      Innovative skin care dressings - breathable and comfortable

      One of the great advantages of Skin Care soaker pads is that they absorb any fluids without leaking material. They can be used until the plasma stops leaking in large amounts. As a result , they provide reliable wound protection for a longer period of time, providing maximum protection for the new tattoo. 


      The optimal solution for effective skin care - absorbent dressings

      Thanks to their exceptional absorbency, Skin Care soaker pads can be on skin to 8 hours depending on the amount of plasma, ensuring freshness and comfort throughout the healing process. 

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      Unistar Skin Care Soaker Pads (10pcs)