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      Biotek Eyeliner Pigments
      • Biotek Eyeliner Pigments
      • Biotek Eyeliner Pigments
      • Biotek Eyeliner Pigments
      • Biotek Eyeliner Pigments
      • Biotek Eyeliner Pigments
      • Biotek Eyeliner Pigments
      • Biotek Eyeliner Pigments

      Biotek Eyeliner Pigments (7ml/18ml)


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      All BIOTEK pigments are available in both 7ml and 18ml formats. BIOTEK colors for PMU and microblading, are packaged in a practical airless bottle, which allows you to use up to the last drop without any waste.

      Thanks to its rich and creamy texture, can be used for both permanent makeup and microblading.


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      Pigment Colors:

      Warm Black - Biotek's Warm Black pigment is an intense and warm black, ideal for graphic eyeliners and infralashes. 

      Royal Black - Biotek's Royal Black pigment is a long-lasting intense black, ideal for graphic eyeliners and infralashes.

      Warm Brown - Biotek's Warm Brown pigment is a rich and intense brown, ideal for graphic eyeliners and infralashes on blonds.

      Biotek Pigments Are Unique
      These Biotek pigment series spans across a large colour-spectrum of that look great in every skin tone.

      Pigments that are exceptionally stable
      Biotek Laboratories' production techniques have resulted in a color-stable pigment by focusing on: Strict selection of only very pure raw ingredients
      Coating pigment molecules to protect them from the acid pH of the skin, so maintaining their molecular structure and ensuring color stability for a year.

      UV protection treatment
      Super-concentrated and cost-effective
      A super-concentrated mix allows you to get twice as many treatments out of a single 18ml bottle.

      Sterility is assured.
      The gamma ionization process is used to ensure the sterility of Biotek pigments.

      Bottle with No Air
      The sterility of the pigment is guaranteed for 5 years in airless pump bottles, which offer precisely the proper quantity of pigment for each pump produced, preventing wastage and allowing every last drop to be utilized, sterile and safe.
      An Ethical Pigment Series Compliant with ResAP2008 and REACH EU.

      Biotek Laboratories' pigment manufacturing quality is guaranteed by ISO9001 and Good Manufacturing Practices certification.
      The pigments are ResAP2008 and UK REACH certified, ensuring the integrity of their source ingredients.

      All BIOTEK colors are:

      -produced entirely in Italy with high quality raw materials.

      -vegan and not tested on animals.

      -compliant with European and American regulations.

      -suitable for permanent make-up and microblading.

      -full coverage.

      -stable (no color changes).

      Royal black is a very long lasting black. Being composed almost entirely of Carbon black it is a color that lasts a long time on the skin but will tend to become smokey gray.

      Warm black, on the other hand, is a warm and rich black. Composed in part of carbon black and in part iron oxides, it turns out to be a color that maintains its black tone but has a shorter duration in the skin and needs touch-ups every 1 or 2 years.

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      Biotek Eyeliner Pigments (7ml/18ml)

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