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    Perma Blend LUXE Tina Davies Sunset Brow Pigments
    • Perma Blend LUXE Tina Davies Sunset Brow Pigments

    Perma Blend LUXE Tina Davies Sunset Brow Pigments (15ml)


    Tina Davies
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    Expect the same reliable, long-lasting results as in the original Sunset Brow Collection, with faithful reproductions of the original formula, now suitable for artists throughout the EU.

    Luxe, the new EU REACH compliant ink from Perma Blend. 


    Last time this product was bought: 02/27/2024

    Introducing the Sunset Brow Collection Luxe

    Ignite Your Passion with Red-Brown Hues

    Designed by the renowned permanent make-up artist, Tina Davies, the Sunset Brow Collection Luxe ignites a revolution in pigments. In an exclusive collaboration with Perma Blend Luxe, this collection is a tribute to clients with red hair and cool undertones, a truly bespoke offering in the world of permanent makeup.

    Crafted for Precision and Perfection

    Dive into the enchanting world of warm red-brown shades with a set tailored for the discerning beauty professional. The Sunset Brow Collection Luxe is a quartet that speaks the language of precision and perfection. Permanent makeup artists, and beauty aficionados – welcome to your new palette of choice.

    Luxe Pigments That Last

    Join us on a journey with these four opulent bottles of pigment that promise to transform brow artistry:

    • Sunset Luxe: A color as captivating as the evening horizon.
    • Toffee Luxe: Delectably warm with golden undertones.
    • Autumn Luxe: Like fall leaves, rich with red-brown warmth.
    • Shading Solution Luxe: The secret to seamless blends and custom shades.

    Each pigment is designed to stand alone in its glory or act as a warm modifier to complement other hues. They synergize to create a spectrum of colors that encapsulate that signature Tina Davies blend, ensuring results that are both reliable and long-lasting.

    EU-Friendly Formula

    The craftsmen at Perma Blend Luxe have refined the original celebrated formula, making it amenable for artists across the EU. They've replicated the faithful hues of the original Sunset Brow Collection, now housed in a luxurious package that meets the stringent standards of European regulations.

    Your Go-To for Warm Tones

    Unveil the secret to impeccably matched brows. Whether you are enhancing a redhead's natural charm or adding a touch of warmth to cool undertones, the Sunset Brow Collection Luxe is your artisan toolkit. Say goodbye to faded pigments and embrace a collection that stays true from the first stroke to the healed finish.


    Created with devotion, used with passion. Your clients deserve the best – give them the warmth of a sunset that never fades. Explore the Sunset Brow Collection Luxe today and elevate your artistry to the pinnacle of perfection.

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    Perma Blend LUXE Tina Davies Sunset Brow Pigments (15ml)

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