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    Micropore Tape
    • Micropore Tape

    3M Micropore Tape (1.25/ 2.5cm x 9.1m)


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    Hypoallergenic and not made with natural rubber latex. Gentle adhesion, Conformable and highly breathable.

    Two different widths: 1.25cm or 2.5cm (lenght is 9.1 meters for both)


    Last time this product was bought: 04/14/2024

    Paper tape is gentle to the skin, porous, and highly breathable to maintain skin integrity. Use to secure small to medium dressings, especially on damp skin, or to secure lightweight tubing and ostomy pouches.

    Product features:

    • Gentle to the skin
    • Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive patients.
    • Highly breathable to maintain skin integrity.
    • Holds well on damp skin for secure placement.

    Suggested Applications:

    • Securing small to medium dressings especially on damp skin
    • Securing lightweight tubing
    • Securing ostomy appliances
    • Taping fragile, at-risk skin
    • When repeated taping is needed

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    3M Micropore Tape (1.25/ 2.5cm x 9.1m)