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      The Original Stencil Stuff
      • The Original Stencil Stuff

      The Original Stencil Stuff (125ml./250ml.)


      Stencil Stuff
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      The Original Stencil Stuff (125ml./250ml.)


      Last time this product was bought: 06/12/2024

      The Original Stencil Stuff (250ml.)

      The original Stencil Stuff created by the Professional Tattoo Artists has become a necessity in tattoo studios all over the world. Specifically used for making transfers crisper, cleaner and sharper whilst eliminating the risk of cross contamination. The lotion itself is creamy, non-toxic and laboratory formulated ensuring that it can be used on most skin types. Easily removed with alcohol if the stencil isn’t positioned right. Available in a 236ml bottle with a twist bottle for easy access. A must have for any serious tattoo artist.

      Belen   07/06/2022
      stencil stuff walmart

      Arrived in perfect condition and sealed properly.

        Walter   12/03/2021
        stencil stuff recipe

        I really like this product, its affordable and the consistency is in my opinion really great.

          Tim   12/02/2021
          how to make stencil stuff without speed stick

          I never used anything for stencils before and when i found out i might need some help i got this. So thanks

            Rich   12/01/2021
            how to use stencil stuff

            I was having trouble transferring stencils to skin and also keeping the stencil on without it wiping off easily. This has definitely done the job. It really keeps the stencil on very well. Works wonders for tattooing.

              Craig   02/04/2021
              how to make your own stencil stuff

              Works for me. You don’t need a lot. Not watery, not too thick.

                Billy   01/26/2021
                green stuff stencils

                All I use at my shop!

                  GDig   01/21/2021
                  stencil stuff vegan

                  Great addition to my supply, works perfect, easy to use and easy to apply

                    electrum stencil stuff   01/20/2021

                    Best stencil solution ive tried. Just ask all the many professionals that use this stuff ...it works amazing...

                      Nadiva   01/14/2021
                      stencil stuff tattoo

                      It only takes a very small amount and you apply it like lotion, wait just a few seconds and then place your stencil. It dries quickly and is so resistant to wiping. A great deal for a great product!

                        Ara   01/11/2021
                        stencil stuff

                        It is easy, dries fast and copies the stencil so much more than speed stick.

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                          The Original Stencil Stuff (125ml./250ml.)

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