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      Skin Monarch Luxury Tattoo Cartridges Test Set (20pcs)
      • Skin Monarch Luxury Tattoo Cartridges Test Set (20pcs)

      Skin Monarch Luxury Tattoo Cartridges Test Set (20pcs)


      Skin Monarch
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      100*Taper Length: ST:2.0mm, MT:3.5mm, LT:6.5mm, XLT:8mm extra long taper

      *Medical Grade Plastic0

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      More performance: 

      -Clear color tip - better visibility

      -Perfectly tapered needles

      -With soft silicone finger grip

      -With innovation ink tank system

      -Cartridge Needles made 316 medical grade stainless steel

      -100% EO Gas Sterilized and individually packaged

      One box - 20 cartridge
      Kit Includes:

      1. 3 RL 0.25 
      2. 5 RL 0.25 
      3. 5 RL 0.30 
      4. 7 RL 0.30
      5. 9 RL 0.35
      6. 3 RS 0.25 
      7. 5 RS 0.30 
      8. 7 RS 0.30
      9. 9 RS 0.30
      10. 7 CM 0.25
      11. 9 CM 0.25 
      12. 11 CM 0.25
      13. 5 MG 0.35
      14. 7 MG 0.35
      15. 9 MG 0.30
      16. 15 MG 0.35 
      17. 9 RM 0.35
      18. 11 RM 0.30
      19. 15 RM 0.30 
      20. 15 RM 0.35

      Can be used for many others high class devices with cartridge system!

      Our tattoo cartridges, are designed to fit high class machines. Skin monarch Luxury cartridges are sharp, simple to use, and ensure that you get the best results every time.

      Tattoo Machines that use cartridge system are compatible with this product: Skin Monarch Baron, Mast, Spektra, Cheyenne, Bellar, Colorica, EZ tatoo and other devices that uses cartridge system on a market!


      Disposable cartridge method is safe and simple to use.

      The tattoo needles are soft and flexible. These characteristics are excellent for shadowing.

      Information Supplementary:

      Designed to accommodate a wide range of cosmetic and medical needle types, sizes, and functions.

      Cartridges that are perfectly sealed to prevent cross-contamination.

      The soft, flexible needles are less irritating and harmful to the skin. They absorb and release color uniformly without causing pigment overflow.

      SKIN MONARCH – is a highest quality registered trademark.

      Since 2011 we have been working in a field of Permanent Make Up and Mesotherapy.

      Many years we searched for the best products for our customers and have collaborated with world’s top brands in this field. The experience gained during all these years has inspired us create the SKIN MONARCH brand.

      It’s a trademark you can trust. Only the best and time proven materials are used for our products.

      Our products are designed and perfected, based on the latest trends and product manufacturing technologies.

      Skin Monarch presents Luxury cartridge created for professional Masters for permanent make up Lip, Lip liner, Eyeliner, Eyebrow and body tattoo treatments.

      Can be used with many high class devices on a market that uses cartridge system!

      Each needle cartridge comes in a sterile, airtight box.

      They are single-use disposables.

      Each set contains 20 needles.